Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance measures

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It is very important to take some maintenance measures to prolong machine life. Here are some steps to maintain fiber laser cutter.

1. Every week check the oil pump and oil circuit to ensure that the oil pump has sufficient oil and smooth oil circuit; the rack part and the Z-axis guide rail are manually oiled (the rack is recommended to apply grease); every month the cutting residue is cleaned to ensure the machine is clean.

2. Every week clean the dust in the power distribution cabinet and check whether the switches and lines are in good condition.

3. Forbid to step on, press and bend the power cord and laser fiber optic cable.

4. Ensure that the laser head is clean overall. The optical lens must be cleaned to avoid secondary pollution. When replacing the lens, seal the window to prevent dust from entering the laser head.

5. It is recommended to use distilled water, deionized water or purified water. It is forbidden to use tap water and mineral water to prevent corrosion or scaling of equipment. Change water regularly (replace once every 4~5 weeks) and filter element (replace once every 9~12 months).

fiber laser cutter

6. Clean the radiator filter net of the chiller every week. In the summer, pay attention to prevent condensation of the laser and the cutting head; pay attention to antifreeze in winter (temperature below 5 °C), such as adding antifreeze or high-purity alcohol.

7. Required that the pressure of the input gas of the equipment does not exceed 2.5mpa to avoid damage to the gas path caused by excessive pressure; it is required to use high-purity gas (oxygen purity 99.95%, nitrogen purity 99.995%) to avoid fouling of the trachea and optical lens.

8. Fiber laser cutting machine contains some conventional consumables, belonging to the normal working loss of the machine, need to be regularly checked and replaced to ensure normal.

These are the maintenance measures of our fiber laser cutting machine. To know more details about our machine, feel free to contact us.


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