Fiber laser cutting machine in agriculture industry

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With the development of laser technology, the application of fiber laser cutting machine accelerates production demand of agricultural machinery automation, reduces production costs.

So what are the advantages of using fiber laser cutting machine?

1.Generally, the thickness of sheet metal for agricultural machinery is 2-6mm. And this thickness is precisely the optimum thickness of fiber laser cutting.

2.Traditional agricultural processing parts are cut by mold punch. This method consumes a large amount of mold and has a large area. 

3. Fiber laser cutting machine can realize robot three-dimensional cutting. It is suitable for one-time forming of different shapes and thicknesses. Thus, production cycle is greatly shortened, production costs are greatly saved.

4. High quality, non-contact processing, no deformation to the workpiece, and no burrs.

metal laser cutting machine

The application of laser cutting machine equipment in the agricultural machinery industry has become a trend. It also a turning point in the transformation of agricultural machinery processing.

Leiming laser has exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine that can be chose. Double table save up and down time .

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