Fiber laser cutting machine for metal chair processing industry

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Last week, we received an enquiry from Russia which showed that customer Peter wanted to buy a fiber laser cutting machine. Our sales manager Pavel who is in charge of Russia market replied his enquiry soon.  

After a few e-mails, Pavel knows that Peter is a purchasing manager who has been engaged in metal chair processing industries for many years. His company wants to buy a machine to improve cutting efficiency. The metal chair mainly made by 2mm stainless steel.  As a metal chair processing industry, they already have metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine to cut 2mm stainless steel. But the cutting effect is not so good for its low power. Comparing with metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine, first, fiber laser cutting equipment have lower maintenance cost and higher cutting speed, the cutting speed is 2 times faster than CO2 laser cutter under the same power. Next, fiber machine is specially used for cutting thin metal sheet, the cutting edge is very smooth. With the expansion of metal chair demand, Co2 laser cutting machine can not meet the demand, so they wants to use fiber laser cutting machine to cut 2mm stainless steel. As a new processing way, fiber laser cutting machine are widely used in metal processing industry for its stable performance. 


To gain good cutting quality, Pavel recommended Peter to choose 750W LM3015G fiber laser cutting machine to cut 2mm stainless steel. Although 500W machine also can cut 2mm steel, it is better to choose a high power machine to meet long time cutting demand.  This machine can greatly improve the processing efficiency of metal chair processing industry. 

Pavel provided machine videos and factory photographs to Peter, Peter is satisfied with the service that Pavel provided, he wanted to visit our factory next month. We wish he can choose our machine. We insist in providing good quality fiber laser cutting machine to customers since 2004, our machine are sell well in many countries. Any details about our machine, do not hesitate to contact us.


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