Fiber laser cutter focus lens maintenance measures

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The focus lens of laser cutting machine is a kind of high precision optical element. Its cleanliness affect the processing performance of fiber laser cutter directly. It is necessary to take maintenance measures to fiber laser cutter focus lens regularly. Today I will share some maintenance measures to you.

First, we should provide a dry environment, because the surface of the focus lens has an antireflection film, which demands dry, neat environment. 

Next, before work, remove the lens barrel on the focus lens, observe whether the focus lens is contaminated. If contaminated, clean it in time. 

Here are clean steps.

1. Loosen the fastening screws, remove the gas nozzle and lens barrel in turn. Using balloon blow the dust on the surface of the lens. 

2. If the focus lens really need clean, we should use soft cotton ball, dip a little acetone or high gravity alcohol, wipe the lens gently from the center of the lens to the edge. If necessary, both sides of the lens should be clean.   

3. Install the lens barrel and gas nozzle, adjust the focus length, tighten the fastening screws. 


If the focus lens is contaminated seriously or can not be cleaned effectively for a long time, you need to replace it in time. It can ensure the cutting efficient of fiber laser cutting machine. 

If the fiber laser cutter machine are not used for a long time, you must clean the focus lens first, then use lens paper and adhesive tape to seal the surface of the lens, it can reduce the chance of contact with air directly. 

As a large cutting equipment, fiber laser cutter machine need maintenance regularly to ensure the cutting quality. If you want to know more maintenance details of fiber laser cutting machine, just contact us as soon as possible.


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