Fiber laser cutter application- elevator manufacturing industry

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Now, the elevator mainly adopts intelligent control, and efficient cleaning process. Elevator components are basically made of metal materials.

Fiber laser cutting machine becomes an indispensable part of elevator processing.

It has the following advantages in the processing.

1.Short processing cycle.

There are large varieties and small quantities of sheet metal parts in the elevator industry. Many of them need to be determined according to customer requirements. The advantages of flexible processing of fiber laser cutting machines reduce the production cycle.

2. Good cutting effect.

Stainless steel has high finish requirements. The processed lines should be smooth and flat. Laser processing has no mechanical stress. It avoids the deformation generated during the cutting process, improves the quality of the elevator, upgrades the product grade, and enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

3. High processing flexibility

Fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of cutting automation and high intelligence.It can cope with the processing of various shaped workpieces, effectively reducing the labor intensity of the operators and optimizing the production process flow.

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Fiber laser cutting machines are ideal for medium and thin sheet metal processing. It is suitable for cutting elevator steel plates.

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