Fiber laser cleaning machine in rail transit industry

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2019 China Rail Transit Green Materials and Intelligent Technology Development Forum was held in Nanjing in 17th-19th, July.

In this forum, the application of laser technology in rail transit industry arouses wide concern , especially laser cleaning technologyLaser cleaning is a new technology different from the traditional cleaning technology. 

Laser cleaning technology is a clean process that use high-energy laser beam to illuminate the surface of the workpiece. It can instantly remove the dirt, rust or coating, and effectively remove the surface adhering or surface coating of the cleaning object at a high speed. It has the advantages of  non-polluting, noise-free, harmless to the human body and the environment. 

So it is called "green" cleaning technology. and illustrate a good prospect of application and extension.

1. High-speed rail derusting.

fiber laser cleaning machine

2. Large rotor blade rust removal.

laser rust removal

3. Tire abrasive cleaning.

fiber laser rust removal machine

At present, Leiming Laser has fiber laser cleaning machine, laser peak is from 10000w to 20000w. Mainly for the removal of resin grease,stains,dirt,rust and paint in the object’s surface. More details, welcome to contact us.

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