Fiber laser cleaning machine

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Fiber laser cleaning machine is a new high-tech equipment for surface cleaning. LEIMING LASER produce and sell this macine now, today i will introduce this machine to you. 

Fiber laser cutting machine is easy to install and operate. It can work without chemical reagent, dust and water. Laser cleaner can remove resin, stains, dirt,rust in the object's surface with high cleaning speed. This machine are very popular with people.

Fiber laser cleaner have many features. 

1. It is non contact cleaning,without damage to metal. 

2. It can clean object with high precision, and can achieve exact position cleaning. 

3. Fiber laser cleaning machine is easy to operate, it is a hand-held machine which is convenient to use.This machine also very portable, can hand-held work for long time. 

4. Our cleaning machine have high cleaning efficiency, it can save much time.

5. This machine have stable performance, almost need no maintenance. 

Fiber laser cleaning machine can applied in many industries. It can remove the oxide film of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and brass alloy. The oxide film is on the surface of metal alloy which impact the metal conductivity and apperance, using cleaning machine can remove it quickly. Laser cleaner also can remove the oil on the metal surface, the metal surface was covered oil which impact the metal basic color, after cleaning, the oil remove quickly and the metal surface is very shiny.  


Fiber laser cleaner can not only clean the metal materials surface but also clean the non-metal materials surface such as plastic, rubber, marble, etc. The cleaning effect is very good. It is a very practical machine. If you want to know more details about our fiber laser cleaning machine, just contact us as soon as possible.


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