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When we buy the fiber laser cutting machine or others ,the first thing we want to know is price.What price of the laser machine,and we all konw that the price is depends on many factors.The quality of the machine,the imported  accessories,the after service of company and others .

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The price of fiber laser cutting machine is denpend on the laser devices ,the 300W, 500W,750w ,1000W,1500w,2000W .Differnt watt has the different price .and the Model of the fiber laser machine has the LM2513G,LM3015G,4020H etc.The working are are different,and the details of the laser cutter is very important.

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If you want to konw the price of fiber laser cutting machine ,please contact with our sales ,we will give the competitive price with machine details and Video  skpe:leiminglaser1

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