Fiber laser Cutting Machine Nozzle

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The fiber laser cutting machine Nozzle is very important for cutting quality.
When the nozzle center is not concentric with the center of the laser, the impact on the cutting quality:affect the cutting section, when the cutting gas spewing,cause uneven gas.There will exist molten stains one side.The influence is small when fiber laser cutting machine cut 3 mm sheet metal,but the influence is more serious when cut over 3mm metal sheet,sometimes can't cut.
The nozzle of fiber laser cutter will affect uality of impact Angle,the cutting Angle or the angle of minor artifacts,prone to partial melting phenomenon,cutting plate,may not be able to cut.
Affect the perforation,instability when impact perforation,time is not easy to control.Penetrates the cause of the thick plate is so fusion, and penetrates the condition is not easy to master,less influence on the perforated plate
To sum up,the center of the nozzle and the concentricity of the fiber metal laser cutting machine is one of the important factors that cause cutting quality fit and unfit quality.Especially when cutting the work piece is thicker,the influence is greater.In order to obtain better cutting section.we must adjust the nozzle center and the concentricity of the laser.
Note: nozzle has deformation or the nozzle melt stains,its impact on the quality of cutting as described above, therefore.The nozzle should be carefully placed,avoid deformation by bumping.The nozzle should be clear in time with some molten stains.The quality of the nozzle is of high accuracy requirements in the manufacture,the installation method should correct.If the poor quality of the nozzle change the fiber laser cutting conditions,the nozzle should be changed timely.

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