Fiber Steel Laser Cutter Safety Protection System

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Fiber steel laser cutting machine can be used in many industries, such as metal cutting, electrical manufacturing, aerospace, food machinery, welding gear, metal surface treatment, advertisement decoration, laser processing services, etc. Because the power is bigger, the laser radiation can produce certain harm to the human body, so the security measures is very important. Here are some protection measures to reduce laser radiation.
First, the laser external shell should be grounded to avoid leakage of external laser to cause injury to human body.
Next, fiber laser cutting machine equipped with laser protective glasses, operator must wear protective glasses in the whole operation process. 
Then, before operating the equipment, first check whether the protective device is damaged. 
At any time when the device is powered on, it is not allowed to look directly at the laser outlet. Laser equipment is equipped with emergency stop switch, you can press the emergency stop switch in an emergency, and the laser power is off. 
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Operator should remember those measures to protect themselves when they using a fiber steel laser cutting machine. If you want to know more information about our machine, free to contact us.

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