Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine -Transportation and Precautions

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When the fiber metal  laser cutting machine is in transportation ,it should avoid rain, moisture,tilt,rodents,potholes and other hazards,and ensure good ventilation:temperature in the range of -10 degree ~ + 40 degree,relative humidity is less than 80%.Time is not more than 24 hours of transport and storage,allowing the ambient temperature does not exceed 70 degree.DO not put the outdoor for long time.If there is reasons for storage in the outside,please check the above requirements and ensure the fiber machine is good condition.
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b Do not climb,stand or place heavy objects on the product box,.
c Do not use the cable connected to the product to drag or carry the product 
 d non-collision,scratch panel and display.
 e Products avoid damp,exposure and rain.
 f Pay attention when lifting the fiber cutting machine, make sure non-collision. When lifting rope is not scratching the machine, if not avoided, it must be isolated with soft objects.
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