Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine Configuration

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Fiber laser cutting machine has become the primary means of metalworking. Fiber laser cutting machine performance is good or bad, determines the quality of processed products. Performance with its associated configuration is to have a great relationship, first by principle to understand under the relevant configuration :
Working principle of fiber laser cutting machine:electrical energy into light energy, releasing powerful laser beam, which irradiation through a lot of energy in the sheet metal surface then it impinges the surface and quickly reach high temperatures,surface is irradiated melted .
by the displacement of the cutting head to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving.

 Laser  power :The laser is a photoelectric conversion device , a more complex core parts ,which generally used for cutting metal materials .laser power should at least reach 300W or more, if it is cut thicker metal material,laser selection should reach one thousand W-level,general import lasers are good effect.
fiber laser cutting machine

Software Systems:Software systems are provided by fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers,and some large companies will have a professional technical department to develop Upgrade Update CUT software.

Optical instruments: Optical equipment for wavelength, half mirror,totally reflecting mirror,refractor and a xenon lamp,which affects the quality of the transmission quality of the beam, indirect effects of cutting performance.

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