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Corporate culture has played a very big role in company's development. LEIMING LASER,as a fiber  laser cutting equipment company also attaches great importance to corporate culture,focus on corporate culture and brand building.The after- service department will visit customers for basic training and provide the professinal traning to them,the engineer can go to the site of customers and teach how to use the machine and the mantain the fiber laser cutting machine.
Now there are more than 20 engineers who can go out for training and online to help the customers all over the world.And the enginers can   reflet the performance to the production sector and better the machine in time.

Also our sales can help the customers in time on line . We all glad to help our customers with enthusiasm.LEIMING LASER, WELCOME TO VISIT OUR FACTORY!
   Welcome to visit our factory near Jinan airport.Know more machine details ,feel free to contact us !

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