Fiber Metal Laser Cutter Machine

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LEIMING LASER ,as the professinal fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer,has the series fiber laser cutting equipment.
These days the hot fiber laser cutter is the LM3015G fiber laser and LM2513G fiber laser cutter.The machine is equipped with 500w or 750W,1000W fiber laser device.Fiber laser cutting machine can cut stainless steel ,mild steel,copper, aluminum sheet,galvanized sheet,etc.The thickness of the metal sheet depends on the laser device,300w,500w,750w,1000w,1200w,1500w,3000w.
Our sales will contact with the customers with details and recommend the suitable laser device to meet customers'need.
leming fiber laser cutter
One of customers from Heibei used the fiber laser machine works for 3months ,now he is familiar with machine and save labor costs.

As the professinal manufacturer of fiber laser cutter ,we goes for the quality not quantity .Hope the customer find the right fiber laser machine and to make more money.
More information about fiber laser cutting machine,please contact us!

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