Fiber Laser Plates and Pipes Cutting Machine

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In the processing of metallic materials, in addition to processing a metal plate, pipes also the usual materials to process. LEIMING laser will recommend LM3015M fiber laser plates and pipes cutting machine to you, it can not only cutting metal plates, but also cutting pipes. It truly meet different needs. 
LM3015M plates and pipes fiber laser cutting machine inherit the advantages of the plates fiber laser cutting machine's appearance, and in order to meet the needs of cutting pipes, there installs a pipe rotating clamp on the right side of the machine to satisfy the processing requirements of general pipe. It is specially used for cutting carbon steel plates and pipes, stainless steel plates and pipes, brass and various thin metal materials.
plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine

LEIMING fiber laser cutter is widely used in almost all the metal materials which you can think of, we are professional in manufacturing laser equipment and we have satisfying after-sale service. If you want to know more details about fiber laser plates and pipes cutting machine , do not hesitate to contact us.

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