Fiber Laser Device For Laser Cutting Machine

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Main feature of fiber laser device:
• Excellent beam quality, full-power constant, using a long focal length can still get a very small spot
·Specific wavelength (1070nm),has the ability of cutting aluminum, copper, brass these kind of highly reflective material.  
·Laser electro-optical conversion rate is above of 25%, much larger than the CO2 (<10%), significantly reducing the power loss.
Through optical fiber transmission,almost no transmission loss.
Modular design,compact and easy to install, no need maintenance
·Pumping source service life last for 100,000 hours
High precision beam quality, with a small divergence angle.

Long usage life :Using single junction diode pumped ,fiber lasers have long life . The life of fiber lasers is more than one hundred thousand hours.
Fiber lasers have excellent thermal performance,high electro-optical efficiency,saving water and electricity,can save a lot of money and maintenance time and improve work efficiency.

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