Fiber Laser Cutting System Advantage

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The fiber laser cutting system has many advantage compared with other metal cutting machine;
ΔHighly efficient and stable programming and control systems, easy to learn user-friendly,compatible with a variety of CAD drawing formats,intelligent nesting to save costs,automatic cutting path matching save processing time;
metal fiber laser cutter
  Δ Fiber laser cutter are less energy consumption,low cost;high device stability,easy maintenance,low maintenance costs;
   ΔWithout molds, flexible processing,to meet the requirements of various shaped workpieces.
   ΔHigh cutting efficiency and quality with low noise; sheets cutting speed is up to 60m/meters;good cutting edge quality, small deformation,smooth appearance. 
  ΔImported high-precision servo motor,screw,rail,rack and pinion, ensuring accurate processing,while greatly improving the stability and reliability of equipment operation;
 Δ The whole enclosed structure improves safety and life span.
 Δ Shuttle table system shortens idle time,improve efficiency above 30%.
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