Fiber Laser Cutting Machine of Environmental Conditions

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Fiber laser cuttine machine need favourable working environment,as follows:
a. Standard power supply: Three-phase  power, 380V 50Hz
b. The total power load of the host: <15KVA
c.Fiber laser and the chiller: <5KVA.
d.Power quality: three phase unbalance degree <2.5%, line voltage fluctuation <5%.
e. Ground protection:Machine grounding,grounding wire on the side of the machine by pile,can also be connected to a power supply wire machine, requirements of the grounding resistance less than 4 ohm.
f.Good ventilation conditions,no dust,no corrosion,no pollution of the site environment.
g.The installation requirement of surrounding foundation cannot have big vibration,shock and digging ditch.
h.Suitable environment temperature:20 degrees
fiber metal laser cutter
i.Chiller is circulating cooling water equipment for fiber laser cutting machine,using high quality pure water or distilled water.
J.For fire prevention,processing sites should be configured to appropriate fire extinguishers and fire channel reserved.
k.laser posterior from the workshop wall should be more than 1.5m;chillers and air compressor can be placed in outdoor machine left and rear, but from the laser should be in within 3M.
L.Control unit,servo unit,and control panel are the core components of fiber laser cutting machine , should be from machine to avoid the interference of electromagnetic waves, such as electric arc welding and electrical discharge machining machine,to affect the normal work of the machine tool.

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