Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Thin Metal Market

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Fiber laser cutting machine is the darling child of metal processing in new era. Especially in the thin metal market, it plays an important role.

Fiber laser cutting machine use high-energy laser beams to gather on the metal surface. The automatic cutting is achieved by the numerically-controlled mechanical system move the spot irradiation position.

Technical contribution of fiber laser cutting machine in thin metal processing

1.Save material. Not directly touching the material surface and automatic typesetting.

2.Simplified procedures. High machining accuracy and smooth cutting edge can eliminate the process of trimming edges.

3.Reduce labor because of using software to control.

4. No toxic gases are generated.

Fiber laser cutter dominates the thin metal market

Using in advertising industry such as advertising light box, metal word, and etc.

Using in kitchenware industry such as washing utensils, cooking utensils, and etc.

Using in lighting fixtures such as file cabinet, wardrobe, and etc.

Using in elevator processing such as elevator door, elevator metal fittings.

fiber laser cutting machinelaser cutting machine

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