Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry

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With the remarkable improvement of people's living standand, people has the more needs for the daily necessities and applicances .The necessities and appliance should be unique appearance,functional and durable ,The applicance are mostly made of stainless steel,but traditional cutting methods for ss,such as cold punching,cold cutting, shearing,there are some rough serratethe,which need the second processing.Now the fiber laser cutting machine solve the problem .With the fiber laser cutting machine,the stainless steel cutting is fast and high precison.
fiber cutting machine
The LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine is equiped with stable lath bed and cast crossbeam and precise pinion and rack,the fiber laser cutting machine is easy to use and maintain,the cutting speed is fast and no need to cut second time .
We have the many customers from the kitchenware industry.

As the manufactuer of fiber laser cutter ,LEIMING has the R&D team and good after service -system ,we will supply the good service to our customers.
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