Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Advertising industry

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Advertising signs are wildly used in many industry .The signs are like stainless steel word,titanium word,gold-plated word,the aluminum word,LED lights,stainless steel solid word,stainless steel and other signs .Nowdays the fiber laser cutting machine are popular with with the AD producers.  

Some customers currently using plasma cutting machine while the precision of plasma cutting machine is not high,the cut surface is rough,need for secondary grinding,and  often occur scrap,the cost are high.
 Fiber laser cutting machine cut the metal word without polishment.And production time is short with smooth edges,high precision and high speed .So the fiber laser cutting machine has the advantage for thin metal cutting .The LEIMING LASER fiber laser cutting machine is good quality with factory price ,R&D
and after service team with training abroad.

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