Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Kitchenware Industry Processing Industry

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With the kitchen ware upgrade process,the routine cutting machines, bending machines,punch equipment has been unable to provide a strong competitive advantage for the enterprise. Fiber laser cutting machine  provide solution for traditional processing. For the kitchen equipment, it is generally made by less than 3mm thick stainless steel sheet metal,the metal product replacement is fast.High efficiency fiber laser cutting machine has a unique advantage in kitchen equipment processing.
workshop of fiber laser cutting
1, fiber laser cutting machine built CAD / CAM software, cna cut any sheet metal shape.
 2, using fiber laser cutting machine , not only processing with high speed, high efficiency, low cost, and without mold or tool change, shortening the preparation time .
 3, the laser beam transposition time is short, easy to complete continuous processing.
 4, fiber laser cutting machine high-precision, cross-section and cutting effect is smooth, no stress and deformation, eliminating the need for secondary processing step of the sheet metal kitchenware and kitchen equipment to enhance the yield, the real effectively improve product quality and production cycle, for enterprises to save more costs, to ensure that the product advantages in terms of price.
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