Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Differenet Metal Sheet

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It is known that fiber laser cutting machine can cut the different metal sheet with  assisted gas. Assisted gas is one of the key factors that influence the quality of laser drilling metal.
When the fiber laser cut titanium allpy sheet with air as assisted gas ,beacust the oxygen is strong may cause burnt.Titanium slloy is more used in aircraft in dustry,its easy to remove the slag of cutting .
There are many kind of nickel alloy . When fiber laer cutter cut the nickel alloy ,nitrogen can be used as the assisted gas.
The fiber laser cut carbon steel up tpo 20 mm with oxygen and cutting great,
The stainless steel with fiber laser cutting machine is easy and wildly used for thin metal sheet.
Aluminium alloy can cut with the assisted gas ,cutting effect is good .
Reflection of copper and brass is not easy to cut with fiber laser cutting machine,the auxiliary gas is air or nitrogen .
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