Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance Methods

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When we operate the fiber laser cutting machine,we need learn to know some knowledge of the machine and maintenance to extended machine life.
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance Methods:

1)Check the straightness of the track and the machine's verticality every six months,once find the question,make maintenance and debugging in time. Otherwise,it is possible to cut the bad effect of the metal,the error will increase,affecting the cutting quality.
2)Suck out the dust and dirt inside the machine with the cacuum cleaner, all electrical cabinet should be off strict dust.
3)Clean the guide,remove dust and other debris,to ensure that the equipment should be regularly wipe the normal rack, add lubricants,to ensure lubrication without debris.
4)The machine will be able to walk better when operate ,more accurate cutting,cutting out the product quality will increase.

5)Laser cutting head is the perishable parts on the metal laser cutting machine with conduct regular inspection and maintenance.If any deformation or other forms,laser cutting head has been a little damaged,to be replaced. Not to be replaced will affect the cutting quality,increase costs.

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