Fiber Laser Cutting Machine- FAQ Common Problems

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There are significant jitter and mechanical shock following the movement when the fiber laser cutting machine working .There are 3 reasons as follows:
A FG amplifier housing or foot controller poor contact with the fiber laser cutting machine housing.
The fiber laser machine casing measured capacitance is negative, when the amplifier housing and the machine housing poor conductivity, the capacitance between the positive and negative impedance is large. Such measuring circuit load will change, result in large measurement error. If  can not pass good mechanical connection, add one wire between the amplifier and the machine metal casing to reduce the AC impedance, but this single point of AC impedance connection should be bigger than mechanical connection . Specific targets is achieved DC resistance of less than 10 ohms.
fiber laser cutting machine
B Speed of progression for the follow movement is set too high
 it will lead fiber laser cutter jitter if speed of Follow movement of the series is set too large,the recommended series of 3 to 7.
C Floating bad calibration
There will be shaking When it is bad between data and smoothness of BCS100 stored in the capacitor.In this case,please re-do the calibration capacitor floating head until stability and smoothness as excellent or good.
D if there is a big disturbance around the fiber laser cutter machine, please reduce "servo gain factor" parameter.
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