Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Customers From India

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Today one of our customers from India ,received warmly by our sales manager Jackie Zhang and other sales.The customers is interested in 500w -1000w LEIMING laser cutting machine.He visited our plant near the Jinan airport .
This is our fiber  laser cutting machine plant.

Before they came our factory,they know details of fiber laser cutting machine by talking with Jakie Zhang,the model is LM3015 with 750w laser source,this fiber laser cutter cut mild steel 6mm maximum and ss with 4mm maximum.Our engineers showed them how to operate the machine and our customers felt very satisfied with the cutting effect.
stainless steel laser cutting

   Then they wanted to buy one fiber cutting machine to use and also they are eager to be our fiber laser dealers in India.India has a huge market now and it’s developing vesy fast.So we have enough confidence to cooperate with them in the near future.

 More details about LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine,please contact us!

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