Fiber Laser Cutter Using Notes in Winter

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The winter is coming soon. With the decrease of temperature, the temperature of the fiber laser and water chiller is too low, may lead to the icing of water chiller pipe, resulting in significant damage to the core components. So we should pay attention to these notes when using a fiber laser cutting machine.
First, we should try to ensure that the ambient temperature can not be less than 5 degrees celsius to meet the normal need of the fiber laser conditions, to avoid affect the stability of the performance of the laser. Next, we should avoid the freezing of fiber laser and water chiller in the low temperature. Then, if the water chiller and fiber laser is not used for a long time, it is necessary to empty the water in the tank and the pipeline as far as possible.
When using a fiber laser cutter in winter, we should remember those notes to avoid damage to the fiber laser cutter. If you want to know more parameters and using note about our metal laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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