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Leiming laser held the global release conference of Fengyun System at the 20th Lijia International Machine Tool Exhibition on 23, May. We invited representatives of the Chengdu Machinery Industry Association, heads of various business units, professional media, and industry audiences to attend the conference.

Leiming laser

This means that Leiming Laser officially enters a new era of unmanned, intelligent product production.

Fengyun System is SCADA system independently developed by leiming Laser. It is developed based on the characteristics of laser equipment and related processes.

It has the following core functions:

1.Remote monitoring and diagnosis.

2.Remote operation(Remote unmanned operation and processing).

3.Intelligent management(Equipment fault history query and track query).

Through the FengYun System, customers can easily complete the globalization accessibility maintenance support. While enterprises transform and upgrade, they will truly liberate people from traditional processing.

It is worth mentioning thatFengyun System is based on browser (web) technology, developed in configuration form. Its use is not limited to countries and regions, the data is safe and reliable. So it is a good choice for enterprises that want to improve quality and efficiency through intelligent processing.

At present, Fengyun System has been able to meet the basic needs of customers. In the future, Leiming Laser will continue to increase investment in scientific research and let customers enjoy more convenience and fun.



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