FAQ of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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 When meet the probles as follows ,please check the solution of fiber laser cutting machine.

√ Follow height does not match the actual settings height.
Calibration problem.
Do not re-calibrated floating capacitance after changing the nozzles, the above phenomenon will happen.
√ Laser light scattering to the nozzle, or blowing is not normal and other reasons, resulting in abnormal increase nozzle temperature (above100 degree), change the cutting head ‘s capacitance.
If not touch the plate in the intelligent calibration, the actual follow height is higher than the setting height.  Turned off the control panel and set again.
√)Elevation height is not normal.
When the fiber laser machine working, the height is lower and lower ,then check the  mechanical connection,it is not normal .

fiber cutting sampels
√) When you upgrade prompt display"parity error, ARM failed upgrade"
The upgrade file may be infected with the virus.
√)When the calibration floating , the laser head can not touch the plate and lift .
The reason is capacitive touch panel is not set correctly. When calibration of metal materials, please set touch the plate capacitor to zero ,and "smart touch panel testing" parameter is modified to "off".
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