EMO Hannover,Senfeng Leiming Laser is Here!

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EMO is sponsored by CECIMO since 1951. It is the world-leading exhibition of mechanical manufacturing technology. It covers the entire process of metalworking such as machine tools,  mold making, software, surface treatment, accessories, waste handling and related services and is called the vane of Innovative production of engineering technology.

Hanover is located in the heart of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), and is close to emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The EMO will cover more than 200,000 square meters.

Senfeng Leiming Laser- Hannover

This year, Senfeng Leiming Laser will attend the exhibition in 16-19, Sep, 2019. We will display four machines- high power full protection fiber laser cutting machine, professional tube laser cutting machinefiber laser welding machine, fiber laser cleaning machine.

Moreover, there are engineers to provide technical guidance. There are also foreign translators to receive you. Here you can experience the efficiency advanced of metal sheet cutting, the profession of metal tube cutting and the convenience of laser cleaning.

6000w fiber laser cutting machine

Name: EMO Hannover

Booth: Hall 16 H29

Time: 16th-21st, Sep, 2019

Address: Hannover Exhibition Center



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