Driving Mode of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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The fiber laser cutting machine is used laser beam on the workpiece surface and release the energy to melt the workpiece of metal and then cut the metal sheet with movement of the workpiece and laser beam ,forming the slits in metal.
Transmission between the beam and the workpiece is driven by the motor,there are 2 methods for fiber laser cutting machine ransmission mode: screw drive, rack and gear drive. Two kinds of transmission methods has its own advantages.
Advantage of screw drive of fiber laser cutter  :large drive spin- down ratio,compact ,high precision in short distance ,suitable for short-distance linear motion.
 Advantage of rack and gear transmission of fiber laser cutting machine :stable,smooth,accurate and reliable transmission,can be transferred to any space motion and power between the two shafts;suitable for a wide range of power and speed,high transmission efficiency,long life and reliable work;small overall dimensions compact,suitable for long distance load linear motion, high price compared to the screw.
LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine use the gear and rack driving ,ensure the stablity of high speed and high precision.

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