Difficulty of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Metal Pipes

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The metal pipes are used widely in many industries,like metal furniture, equipment manufacture.The fiber laser cutting machine can cut the metal pipes
but there are many problems when process the metal tube with fiber laser cutter.

fiber laser cutting metal pipe
Then problems like this by metal laser cutting machine:the parts are burnt,parts corner are burnt,metal tube surface is inclined,and round parts deformation and does not close to a circle,leading to low productivity and serious waste of metal pipe.
The slag of cutting metal attached to the tube wall,and  most of the heat  is absorbed by the workpiece,cause the pipe overheat,then part corners and square tube are burnt,affect the smoothness of metal pipes.

How to solve this problem of fiber laser ?
1,increase the oxygen pressure;
2,increase synthesis speed in software.
3,with height sensor headband servo system,to ensure that cutting nozzle and the workpiece remains same height to the surface plane,the cutting effect does not change.

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