Daily Problem of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine ?

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 When use the fiber laser cutting machine in daily life,there are many problem you will meet,as follows:
A  No auxiliary gas output
The reasong is  
1Insufficien air pressure;
2 Wrong the gas channel selection
 3.The solenoid valve is damage, or no control voltage output.
How to solve it ?
1Check the gas line pressure;
2.Check air channels is correct in the process parameters;
3.Check the solenoid valve,and associated circuitry;

metal fiber laser cutting
B abnormal sound for axis running when metal fiber laser cutting machine working
1. No lubricating oil of axis motion components ;
2.The moving parts have to interfere with the fixed compensation items;
The you can do as follows:
1.Add the oil;Check running path security of the moving parts running security.
C No laser or laser power shortage
1.NC signal is not sent;
 2. lens is dirty or damaged;
 3. The nozzle is damaged or blocked;
 4 The optical path is incorrect
 5. The laser alarms
Then you have to do as follows:
1. Check the connection between CNC laser machine console ;
 2. Check the protective lens;
 3. Replace the nozzle;
 4. Adjust the laser path
 5. May water cooling machine temperature is too low, until the temperature reaches the requirement to restart the fiber laser cutting machine.

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