Daily Maintenance for Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

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It is important of daily maintenance for metal fiber laser cutting machine ,which can prolong the life of the fiber laser machine.
a)Check the laser,water chiller, water and pipes befor operating the machine ,make sure the parts are good condition.
b)Check laser state button is damaged (check the indicator light), make sure emergency stop button of fiber laser cutting machine is normal.
c)Check the X axis,Y axis,Z axis of the limit switch and the installation of the screw bolt is loose,the axis of the limit switch is sensitive.
d)Check the switch table is sensitive (configuration switch table).
    e)After a long using time,check focus lens and protect the lens with no damage.
    f)After the completion of the work,clean up the cutting waste inatimely ,clean the work site, keep the work site neat and clean.At the same time do cleaning work of fiber laser cutting machine,to ensure that all parts are clean and dirty,the machine can not put debris.
    g)When the daily work is completed, open the drain valve at the bottom of the air compressor cylinder to drainage.After the waste water discharged,close the valve(if use the compressed air)
h)After the completion of the daily work,according to the shutdown steps to shut down, and then turn off the total power supply of the whole machine.
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