Cost Effective Hole Drilling Metal Tubes Fiber Laser Cutter

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In the metal pipe processing industries, there are many ways to process metal tubes, such as manual gas welding cutting, magnetic walking trolley cutting, etc. By those traditional process ways to cut, the cutting effect is not so good, however using a fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal tubes have high performance and smooth edge. Today, cost effective hole drilling metal tubes fiber laser cutter is widely used in metal pipe processing industries.
LM3015M3 metal plates and tubes fiber laser cutting machine equips the gripper for cutting pipe materials. It can not only cut rectangle tubes but also can cut round tubes and special tubes. This machine also can cut different thickness metal plates. We have different laser power to satisfy different cutting needs. Our machine using efficient CNC control software, which contains the following advantages: powerful, strong compatibility. Compatible with NC documents, DXF, PLT,AI mapping software. This machine can automatic focusing the materials, drilling hole flexible.

Hole drilling metal tubes fiber laser cutting machine bring convenient to metal pipe processing industries. To learn more about our 3015M3 metal fiber laser cutting machine or to request a free quote, please contact us.

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