Configuration System of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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The fiber laser cutting machine contains 4 main systems:
fiber laser ,cutting head ,servo motors, sofeware system,cold water, gas supply system.

1,fiber lasers: it is the core component of fiber laser cutting machine,and it's power source.So customners choose to buy fiber lasers, there are well-known brand IPG, rofin,Raycus,tec.
2,cutting head:laser cutting head is output device of laser beam, consisting of a nozzle,focusing lens and focus tracking system. Laser cutting head walk according to the specified cutting path, the laser cutting head height need adjustment with different materials ,thickness and cutting mode.
3,servo motors: servo motor is the servo system of the engine which control operation of the mechanical components  and transmission subsidies.Servo motors control cutting speed, position accuracy, the voltage signal can be converted to torque and drive the control object. High-quality servo motor to protect fiber laser cutting machine with precision, positioning speed and repeatability of positioning accuracy.
4, the software system. Also known as CNC systems, generally manufacturers of fiber laser cutting machines are imported numerical control system,but some manufacturers in their own R & D CUT software,but relatively few.
5,cold water: Chiller is cooling device, it can be quickly and efficiently cooled laser, spindle and other devices. Chiller contains input-output control device and a cooling water flow switch, high and low temperature alarm of advanced features, more stable performance.
6,the gas supply system:Supply system of fiber laser cutting system including gas source, filtration units and piping.   The gas source has two kinds of bottled gas and compressed air, the user can choose according to their needs.
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