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LEIMING LASER will attend the 23rd China West International Equipment Manufacturing Expo in Xi 'an Qujiang International Exhibition Center. The exhibition time from Mar. 16th to 19th, welcome everyone to visit our booth:B3D03.

This time we will show two fiber laser cutting machines to our exhibitiom.The first one is LM3015A shuttle table fiber laser cutting machine, this machine have two table to save time for feeding and laying off. The second one is LM3015H full protection fiber laser cutting machine. This machine have full cover to reduce the rediation to customers. Both 2 machines are popular to our customers.


Welcome everyone to visit our booth in this exhibition.


Time:Mar. 16th to 19th

Add:Xi 'an Qujiang International Exhibition Center

If you are interested in LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine, just contact us soon.


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