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China Trade Fair will be held in Amman, Jordan in Sep. 6th to 8th, LEIMING LASER will participate in this exhibition. Welcome to visit our booth: C201 in Amman International Motor Show(AIMS). 

LEIMING LASER have rich experience in searching and selling fiber laser cutting machine.  We provide laser processing system solutions for global customers. Our laser equipments being used in many countries. We have different kinds of fiber laser cutting machine, such as shuttle table fiber laser cutting machine, metal plates and pipes fiber laser cutting machine, customers can choose depend on their need. 


LEIMING LASER participate in many exhibitions to show our machine every year. Welcome to visit our booth C201 in Amman International Motor Show. If you want to know more details about LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine, free to contact us.


Time:Sep. 6th to 8th

Add:Amman International Motor Show



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