Characteristics of pipe-plate fiber laser cutting machine

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Pipes and profiles are widely used in all walks of life, such as furniture, clothing display rack industry . So the processing market for pipes and profiles is also growing. Traditional processing method already can’t meet the high-speed market requirements and low-cost production mode, so the pipe-plate laser cutting machine come into being.

Pipe-plate fiber laser cutting machine is a professional equipment for pipe and plate cutting. Compared with other types of fiber laser cutting machines, it has many advantages.

1. Flexible.

It can process any regular pipe that has been programmed,and can cut in different directions. Therefore, it is tend to provide customers with powerful personalized processing.

2. Professional pipe nesting technology.

Due to the high cutting efficiency and the complicated programming nesting, tube-plate fiber laser cutting machine will lead to tube waste and low cutting efficiency if used improperly.

3. Accuracy.

Laser processing can compensate for inaccuracies after printing. For example, the material may be deformed and deformed, and the laser can adjust according to these deformations, but the conventional template procession can't achieve this effect.

 LMN3015AM is suitable for cutting metal plate and tube. This machine can cut round tube diameter from 20mm to 200mm, square tube diameter from 20*20mm to 140*140mm. For more details about our pipe and sheet laser cutting machine, just contact us.

metal tube-pipe cutting machine

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