Care and maintenance measures of fiber laser cutter voltage regulator

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Voltage regulator is a device that stabilizes the output voltage. It made up of voltage regulating circuit, control circuit, servo motor and so on. Fiber laser cutter voltage regulator need maintenance regularly to enable machine work normally. Here are some maintenance measures.

First, observe compensating transformer, see whether the temperature rise of regulating transformer is normal or not, whether the coil is discoloured or not. Whether the carbon brush contact is normal or not. Monitor whether the output and input voltage is normal, whether there is any overload phenomenon. 

Next, clean up the dust and dirt in voltage regulator every 3 months, check whether the chain drive system is work normal or not. Oiling the sprocket, adjust the tightness of the chain. Check whether the carbon brush holder is inclined or stucked, if it happens, we should adjust it. 

Then, check if the contact surface of electrical apparatus is damaged, if necessary, replace and repair in time, check whether the column voltage regulator during the movement is flexible or not. If not, change it in time.


Here are some fault that may occur when using voltage regulator. 

1.Master switch trip. The solution is to check whether the load is too large, check if the zero line is open. Switch on and check whether the input voltage is over 10% of the rated voltage, if exceeded, it is a normal phenomenon. 

2. The output voltage is too low. The solution is to check if the input voltage is lower than the rated input voltage, then notify the agent or manufacturer of fixing it. 

These are the care and maintenance measures of fiber laser cutter voltage regulator. LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine adopt world famous brand voltage regulator. Our machine have good quality. If you want to learn more knowledge about our fiber laser cutter, just contact us as soon as possible.


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