Back to Work for Leiming Fiber Laser Cutters

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So glad to back to work for Leiming fiber laser cutters,which I am familiar with .When walking on the street,I can see so many things made of metal sheets ,for example,outdoor and indoor decoration,kitchenware,medical equipment,elevator and others.I always say,look!Our fiber laser machine can make that.


Our leiming laser has produced series of fiber laser cutters that can cut metal plates and pipes,thickness can be 0.5mm to 24mm.Not only the different fiber power,we also supply many working sizes,1300mm*1300mm,1300mm*2500mm,1500mm*3000mm,2000mm*4000mm,6000mm*1500mm,if you have other need,we also can custom for you.

Before making the decicion,be clear the thickness and size of your metal sheet,and for more details about the fiber laser cutters,just call us +86-531-88737923 or send e-mail to

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