Arbor Day of Leiming Laser

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This is the 41st Arbor Day in China in March 12. 

The activity of planting trees has a long history in China. According to historical records, more than 1400 years ago, there were already customary practices for planting willows during the Ching Ming Festival. Especially in the trend of global warming, everyone should have a sense of protecting the environment.

This year, Leiming Laser also held tree planting activities. 

Leiming laser

We gathered at the gate of the jinan botanical garden at 9:00. 

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The activity starts at 9:30.

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Children also want to contribute to their own strength.

After a day's hard work, everyone is full of heart. Some of the newly planted saplings are weak, but they are full of vigor and vitality in the spring breeze.

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