Application of laser marking technology in food packaging industry

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Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in food packaging these years. 

Food safety has always been one of the key subjects of national. In this era of rapid developmentconsumption accounts for a higher proportion. In the field of consumer goods, packaging has always been an important point. Meanwhile, the safety of food packaging bag also plays an important role.

Traditional food packaging uses ink marking.However, the use of ink markings is easy to erase, easy to fall off; at the same time, some criminals will erase the production date of the products that have expired, and then spray on the new production date to continue to sell in the market. The health of the people will be great harmed, and it will also seriously undermine the market principles.

Laser marking use the high energy density laser to illuminate the workpiece. It is a marking method that causes the surface material to vaporize or undergo a chemical reaction, changing color, leaving a permanent mark.

It has the following merits:

1. Permanent mark. 

Information is portrayed on the product packaging, so it is difficult to tamper with and counterfeit.

2. High precision and speed.

3. Clear and environmentally friendly. 

laser marking machine in food packaging

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