Anti-freezing measures of fiber laser cutting machine in winter

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The winter is coming soon, many customers do not know how to prevent fiber laser cutting machine from freezing. Today, LEIMING LASER will share a few anti-freezing measures to customers. 

To prevent the fiber laser equipment from freezing, if fiber laser cutting machine generator need to run continuously, we should use industrial anti-freezing liquid in the water chiller.

If fiber laser generator do not need to run continuously, medium power fiber laser generator need to keep the water chiller running at night, do not need power supply. High power fiber laser generator(maximum power is above 2000W)shall be kept opening and to ensure that the water chiller cooling liquid in a circulating state and the temperature not lower than the freezing point. 

To prevent the water chiller from freezing, we should take these measures. First, install air conditioner or heating facilities to keep the ambient temperature at about 10 degrees Celsius. Second, running the water chiller in 24 hours, because the water will not freeze in the flowing state. Third, add ethylene glycerin antifreeze liquid into the water tank. Last but not least, if the fiber laser cutting machine is not used for a long time, it is necessary to empty the water in the refrigerator's water tank. 


The methods of draining water are as follows.

1. Turn off the power supply, open the drain valve behind the water chiller, drain the water in the tank. 

2. Unscrew the filter inside the water chiller and drain the water inside the filter.

3. Unscrew the drain screw below the pump and drain the water in the pump.

4. Empty the water inside the fiber laser generator and laser head.

These are the anti-freezing measures of fiber laser cutter in winter. It is necessary for customers to master these measures. For more maintenance measures about fiber laser cutting machine, just contact us as soon as possible.


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