After-sale service of fiber metal laser cutter in Indonesia

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Last month, our engineer Kevin came to Indonesia to solve some problems of LM3015M3 fiber metal laser cutting machine. Today he came back and summarized his business trip. 

Our customer is our agent, he sold well in Indonesia. This time our LM3015M3 fiber laser cutting machine has problems in cutting effect. Kevin minutely examined light path and laser head, and found that the laser nozzle is loose, then affected the cutting focal length, resulting in errors in the debugging parameters, and the cutting effect of metal pipes is not good. So he tighten up the laser nozzle, and debug the cutting parameters, the cutting effect is good.


Through this business trip, Kevin learned more details about debugging fiber laser cutting machine. We will provide reliable after-sale service to our customers. If you want to know more details about our fiber metal laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.


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