Advantage of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in LEIMING

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LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine has many advantage :
a.Adopt gantry structure,the whole welding lathe bed and casting beams,has high rigidity,stability and shock resistance.
b.With precision linear guide and imported gear and rack as transmission components,high precision,high speed, maximum speed(no-load) 80m/min, positioning accuracy ± 0.03mm/m, repetitive positioning accuracy ± 0.02 mm.
c.CNC adopt CypCut control system, powerful,can satisfy the processing of various kinds of plank.The AC servo motor inertia small, good dynamic performance.
fiber laser cutter workshop
d.Servo motor through the reducer(less than 3 arcmin back lash) is passed on to the drive shaft, effectively guarantee the reliability of the transmission accuracy.
e.Laser with the host installation, thus ensuring the stability of the light path of fiber laser cutting machine.
f.Industrial computer can install CAD/CAM, convenient in production drawing, programming, and maximize the save raw materials.
g.Cutting waste by funnel fall into the box, convenient operators regular cleaning.

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