Advanced electric control system of M series metal pipe laser cutter

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LEIMING M series laser cutting machine are used to cut metal plates and pipes. Our M series metal pipe laser cutter are widely used in many industries. This machine adopts advanced electric control system which enable it with stable performance. Today i will introduce the electric control system of M series laser cutting machine.

The electrical control system of M series CNC laser cutting machine are mainly composed of numerical control system, servo system and low voltage electrical system. The laser cutting machine adopt CypCut CNC system which is a WINDOWS PC-based CNC system, it has the characteristics of interpolation operation fast and easy to operate. Servo system adopts Schneider AC servo motor and drive, it has good dynamic performance and load capability. 

Cypcut CNC system have many advantages. 

1. It is easy to operate, it has six function keys and eight operational keys, operational keys have different functions in different operation mode, thereby reducing the operating button and simplifies the operation panel. The Cypcut system also has help system, allowing operators to operate fiber laser cutting machine without reading the instructions.

2. Cypcut system has a dedicated laser power control function. It can ensure that the machine get the best laser power at different cutting speed. 

3. Cypcut system has strong processing function. It has a variety of processing and auxiliary functional instructions, all kinds of complex graphics can be edited by instructions. 

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AC servo motor is used to drive the axis of machine tool, they are installed on the corresponding axis.

Low voltage electrical system are in fiber laser cutting machine control cabinet. Power supply, relay, circuit breaker, contactor, servo drive system of the electrical control system are all installed in the electric control cabinet. 

These are the electric control system of M series laser cutting machine. If you want to know more details about our M series fiber laser cutting machine, free to contact us.


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