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LEIMING LASER  provides a set of laser processing solutions and related facilities for domestic and foreign customers,Key products include:fiber laser cutting machine,laser welding machine,series and other series a variety of industrial laser equipment and supporting products.Widely used in the advertising industry,sheet metal industry,instrumentation,printed circuits,computer manufacturers,mobile communications,automobile parts,precision instruments,building materials,clothing apparel,city lights,gold and silver jewelry,gifts,graphic arts and other industries.
 3015g fiber laser cutting machine
LEIMING LASER based on ISO9001 quality control system, have been finalized in its fiber laser cutting machine, process, machine, shipping all aspects of strict checks to ensure the performance and quality of shipped products .
LEIMING LASER set up a marketing management center, set up two branches in the country, more than a hundred offices, also set up more than ten overseas branches, permanent technical service personnel, to provide customers with comprehensive pre-sale , after-sales support and service. Where is LEIMING fiber laser machine ,there is Lei-ming’s services!

fiber laser cutting machine
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Senfeng Laser, as a leading integrated manufacturer of fiber laser machines for cutting, welding, cleaning, cladding as well as electric bending machine, provides various solutions in the field of fabricating machinery with cutting-edge technology.

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