500W 2mm Aluminum Plate LM3015G Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Aluminum plate are common metal materials in metal processing industries. Many customers want to get a machine to process aluminum plates. As we all know, fiber laser cutting machine can cut aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other metal plates. Yesterday, our South Africa customer Kobus delivered us an 2 mm aluminum plate to let us proof. Our 500W 2mm aluminum plate LM3015G fiber laser cutting machine can cut it perfectly.
LM3015G fiber laser cutting machine has high cutting speed, the speed is the 2 times by CO2 laser cutting machine under the same power. This machine has very high efficiency of photoelectric conversion which is 3 times by CO2 laser cutting machine, saving the energy and protecting environment. Our fiber laser cutting machine have very low maintenance cost. We have different laser power to cut different thickness metal plates. The aluminum sample which be delivered by our customers is cutting well.
LEIMING LASER persist in researching fiber laser cutting machine for 14 years. We provide stable performance fiber laser cutting machine to customers. To know more information about our 500W 2mm aluminum plate fiber laser cutting machine, just contact us.

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