3D laser cutting robot for metal

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3D laser cutting robot is a advanced equipment which can cut different thickness metal plates with multi angle and multi direction. It is widely used in metal processing, mechanical manufacturing and automobile parts manufacturing. Yesterday we had a training about 3D laser cutting robot, I will introduce this machine to you. 

3D laser cutting robot is consists of robot body, control software, control cabinet and peripheral equipment. This machine have 3 kinds of installation way such as vertical installation, hanging installation and inclined installation. 

3D laser cutting robot are widely used in many industries. This machine is suitable for cutting thin metal sheet such as 0.4mm to 5mm carbon steel, it also can cut stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized plate and other metal materials. Our equipment have many advantages when processing metal materials. 

1. The cutting precision is very high, the repeated positioning accuracy can up to ±0.08mm. 

2. Select off-line programming software according to actual needs. It can read the digital model of UG, solidworks and other 3D software. Instead of artificial teaching, it is easy to use. 

3. Equip with Raycus fiber laser generator, this machine have stable performance and low maintenance. 

4. Robot manipulator control system has the characteristics of strong reliability, fast speed, high precision and versatility.


3D metal laser cutting machine is very practicability. When installation this machine, we should provide suitable environment. The environment temperature should not be so high, and the humidity should suitable. There are many situations that should not use 3D laser cutting robot. 

1. The burning environment.

2. Radio interference environment.

3. Water or other liquid. 

We should pay attention to the installation and using environment of 3D laser cutting robot. We are fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, we provide reliable after-sale service to our customers. If you want to know more details about our 3D laser cutting robot, do not hesitate to contact us.




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